Pest Control Sunshine Beach

Pest Control Sunshine Beach

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Pest Control Sunshine Beach

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All our products are safe for your family and pets.
Environmental and health protection is our main focus when eliminating pests

When it comes to solving pest problems in your home in Pest Control Sunshine Beach, you want to be confident that you and your loved ones and your pets are safe, you can also have confidence that our treatment will work.

Pests In Sunshine Beach - Pest Control Sunshine Beach has a fully qualified Pest Controller that can look after all your general pest control problems including cockroaches, ants, spiders, rats & mice, fleas and many others. 

We can even check your house for termites.  

What Is A Pest?

Pests such as insects, spiders and rodents must be prevented from entering or infesting the food premises due to the possibility of contamination.

Depending on the pest, and your circumstances, we can use methods that include physical modification of the environment and trapping to achieve results.

However when we do use pesticides, we select formulations and baits with the lowest toxicity available and focus our treatments on areas that keep these formulations away from you, your family and your pets.

Common Pests in Sunshine Beach


Pest Control Sunshine Beach, Cockroaches are night insects. During the day, cockroaches rest in warm, moist and dark areas like sewers, cracks, under refrigerators and behind stoves. They carry food poisoning bacteria on their legs, bodies, hairs and faeces. Cockroaches are known carriers of disease. The German cockroach is the most common cockroach found in commercial kitchens. The German cockroach breeds so rapidly, one egg capsule carried into a food premises may lead to an infestation of 20, 000 cockroaches within a year. They will physically contaminate food from their droppings, dead bodies and discarded skin castings.

Rats and Mice

Pest Control Sunshine Beach, Rats and Mice carry obvious health risks from their drop pings and constant incontinence. They may directly contaminate food equipment within the premises as well as causing damage to the premises and equipment by gnawing. Rats and Mice Rats and mice carry bacteria including those that cause typhus, salmonella and ringworm. They spread disease by feeding and urinating on stored products, and contaminate food with their droppings. Rats and mice have poor sight, but excellent senses of smell and taste. They can jump as well as climb up pipes, walls and shelving. Their large teeth allow them to gnaw through lead, aluminium, cardboard and wood. They may also chew on electrical cables, causing fires.


Pest Control Sunshine Beach, Birds lead to health nuisances as they may carry bird mites and lice. Droppings also create health problems as they attract cockroaches and/or may contaminate surfaces.


Pest Control Sunshine Beach, Ants are attracted to almost any food, and although the amount eaten is generally small, the food becomes contaminated and inedible once ants have infested it. They may carry disease bacteria like those causing dysentery and salmonella.

Please let us know – we can tailor a solution that minimizes the impact on you.

our products pest control Pest Control Sunshine Beach

What about Natural Pest Control in Pest Control Sunshine Beach?

Eco-Friendly Pest Control: we use the most Environmentally Friendly and Safe Products that are bio-degradable and derived from the extract of chrysanthemum daisy flower. (The plant extract called Pyrethrum) which comply with the Australian Standards.

All pesticides have “natural” origins – the most commonly used today are the pyrethroids (extracted from certain types of flowers). 

Most of these formulations have no colour or odour.

eco friendly pest control Sunshine Beach

eco friendly pest control Sunshine Beach

  • Pest Control Sunshine Beach has a Technician that is trained to assist you in solving your pest control problems.  

  • They are trained and properly licenced.

  • They are local people in your community - they know your area in Pest Control Sunshine Beach.

  • Their focus is to provide management options that will be effective and ensure the safety of you, your property and the environment in Pest Control Sunshine Beach.

Let us look after your home in Pest Control Sunshine Beach

Millennium Pest Control Sunshine Beach will treat your home like there own.

We take pride and care in our work "and we guarantee it".

We Guarantee the Best Service!


pest control Sunshine Beach

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